SSD Webhosting comparison

Hosting function list Alap Start Haladó Profi
Cpanel admin page
Disk space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free domains
Parkable domains 2 4 10 15
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ftp user 1 3 8 12
Let’s encrypt / Free ssl
Chooseable php versions 5.3/…/7.1 5.3/…/7.1 5.3/…/7.1 5.3/…/7.1
*Softacolous software installer
Portalwizard(Webpage creator)
editable php.ini
Password protected folders
MEMCACHED php accelerator
MOD rewrite url
Backup every 4th day
Cron jobs
Cloudflare Railgun Optional Optional Optional
Nuber of databases 5 15 50 Unlimited
Mysql /MariaDb
Version MariaDb MariaDb MariaDb MariaDb
Variable database permisions
Search engine friendly features
Google mod page speed
Adjustable HTTP compression
Custom Error pages
MOD rewrite url
Security functions
CXS (ConfigServerExploitScanner)
Cage FS
Email system
Number of mailboxes 5 25 50 Unlimited
Webmail Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Mail alias 25 100 250 Unlimited
Mail/Hour 25 100 150 500
Dedicated IP Optional Optional Optional
Spamassassin spam filter
Smtp server
Editable global email filter
Box trapper

*Support to installable applications for softaculus is provided by the organization that develops the application. To Wordpress it's the wordpress or wordpress community, in case of joomla the joomla community or Joomla itself ... etc. 23VNet Ltd. will assist you when you first install the application if it's needed. Further eliminating unstable or problematic applications as soon as problems arise, also if the unstable or problematic applications unlikely to be patched in the near future by the developers.